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Mix and Match Payments including buy now Pay Later Flights

What is MixPay?

So, let’s break it down for you: MixPay is like your superhero when it comes to booking flights hassle-free. Ever been in a situation where you're trying to balance your budget or maybe your travel buddy needs to chip in, but it's a whole ordeal? Well, Mix and Match have got you covered with an exclusive flight payment option!

With MixPay, you can mix and match two different payment methods to pay for your flights without breaking a sweat. We're talking Afterpay, account to account transfers, credit cards, and even True Rewards points.

Booking with a friend? No need to stress about splitting the bill! You can book together and pay separately all at once. It's like hitting those squad goals effortlessly, right?

How does MixPay work?

Once you've selected your flights and sorted out all the traveller details, it's time to bring in MixPay for the win. First off, you'll select the MixPay option as your go-to payment method. You choose your first payment type, for example, Afterpay (you can choose any preferred payment option first except for account to account), and type the amount you’d want to pay, including payment fees. Then, onto round two! Pick your second payment method, for example, account to account. The system will automatically show you what's left to pay, including any fees. Once that second payment slides through smoothly consider your booking locked and loaded!

We're all about giving you the ultimate flexibility to secure your flights, including buy now pay later options for your adventures.

MixPay Flight Payment Tips

First things first, if you're thinking of splurging with Afterpay, it's a good idea to have your accounts all sorted beforehand. Registered to get these accounts set up and double-check your balance. If using Afterpay, we recommend you use this as your first payment.


Why do you have a 20-minute time frame?

We like to keep things fair and square for everyone!

When you pick out your flights and add your details, we hold onto those spots for 20 minutes to give you some breathing room to seal the deal and make your payments.

Here's the deal: if you go over that 20-minute mark, those flights unfortunately get cancelled. Here's the silver lining – any payments you've already made will be refunded pronto.

If you go over the 20 minutes but are still keen to book your flights now, you’ll need to start the process from scratch. If you have made any payments check out our FAQs below for your options

We're all about making your booking journey smooth sailing, so let's stick within that 20-minute window and make those travel dreams a reality, easy.

What happens if my first payment gets declined?

We'll come back right away with a message to give you the heads-up, and then you've got some options to choose from. You can either give it another shot with the same payment method or switch gears and try a different one. We're all about keeping things flexible and easy-breezy for you!

We'll make a second attempt to process the payment, and if it still doesn't work out. You'll get the same message with the same choices. You've got three tries in total, but if none of them work out, we'll have to cancel the booking. We'll kindly ask you to try again once your payment situation is sorted out.

Wondering what happens if your first payment is approved but the second one declines?

Now, let's talk about a little hiccup you might encounter: imagine you've made one payment all excitedly, but whoopsie daisy, the second one doesn't quite go through due to a balance blip. No sweat, it happens to the best of us! We'll give you another friendly heads-up message nudging you to give it another shot or switch up your payment method. Remember, you've got three shots at it before we hit the cancel button.

In the unlikely event of a declined second payment, we've got your back. We'll refund your first payment as soon we get the notification that your second payment hasn’t quite gone so smoothly. Keep in mind that refund processing times can vary depending on the payment method, but rest assured, we'll hustle our end to get that money back to you ASAP.

If you've got your payments sorted out and you're raring to book again right away, go ahead and make a new booking. When you get to the payment page, give our awesome team a call on 0800 367 468. When you chat with them, they'll ask you to make the second payment for this new booking, and they'll transfer your first payment over. And just like that, you're on your way to your next adventure! But remember, it's crucial to do this as soon as your first booking doesn't go through to avoid any refunds already being underway.

Now, if you need a bit more time – maybe you want to try again on the same day – no worries at all! Just give our team a quick call on 0800 367 468 and let them know not to refund that first payment.

So whether you're ready to go right away or need a little extra time, we're here to make sure your booking process goes smoothly.

An important note, when it comes to using Afterpay as a second payment option, unfortunately, we can't accept manual Afterpay payments over the phone. So, you'll need to wait for the refund to come back to your account. This means that the process might take a bit longer. Once the refund has come through, you can try again to book your flights.

Wondering about payment fees?

We totally get it – surprises, especially the unexpected kind, are no fun, especially when you're booking flights. Here's the scoop: payment fees are usually part and parcel of your booking, except if you're paying in full through an account-to-account transfer. The amount can vary depending on how you choose to pay.

We’re upfront about these and show you the full picture before you take that final step. Payment fees vary depending on the payment type. Once you've picked your payment method and sorted out the amount, we'll crunch all the numbers for you. Just make sure to factor in enough to cover your limit, including those payment fees. Before you hit that "Continue" button, we'll lay it all out for you, showing the total so you can double-check and ensure everything's spot on. We're here to make sure your booking journey is smooth sailing every step of the way.

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