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              About Us


              If we were one of your mates, we’d probably be the one that tells you when you’ve got sauce on your shirt, or those jeans are just not working for you. We call a horse a horse, a deal a deal, and an ‘about us’ section an ‘about us’ section.

              We don’t do snazzy, we don’t do frills, we don’t even do Photoshop, none of us know how.

              What we do though, is travel. Straight up. So we pretty much just stick to that, all the time.

              So if you’re into great priced flights, accommodation, insurance, car rental all in one place then take a look around. We've kept it simple, honest and pretty much about as "what you see is what you get" as possible.

              Mix & Match is part of the New Zealand-based House of Travel group. We have a whole heap of airfares, many are exclusive deals so only available to book online with Mix & Match. Our call centre is based in Christchurch, New Zealand. To get in touch click here.

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