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            Top 11 International Destinations for 2022

            Top 11 International Destinations for 2022

            Trending Travel 2022.

            Yes, you have read that right Top 11, not Top 10. We’ve decided to kick tradition to the curb and be a little different with a TOP 11 list. That’s right, we’ve compiled (from your searches on our site) the trending Top 11 International Destinations for 2022. But we haven’t stopped there, we’ve thrown in a little fun fact for each destination on our list – pretty useful to throw out there at the next socially distanced picnic you host!

            So here goes:

            Fun Fact: London’s buses were not always red, they use to be different colours representing the route they travelled.

            Fun Fact: Every year 15,500 light bulbs are changed out on the massive Sydney Opera House.

            The Red Fort was originally white. It was actually made of white limestone and when the colour started chipping off, some British official decided to paint it red.

            French chef Armand Galland made the first lamington in 1900 at Old Government House when unexpected visitors turned up at Lord and Lady Lamingtons place.

            The Balinese New Year is a day of silence - people stay at home, nobody uses light or electricity and no vehicles are allowed on the road.

            You are committing a crime in Bangkok if you leave the house without wearing underwear or drive a motorised vehicle bare-chested.

            Oscar winners cannot officially sell their statuette, they have to sign an agreement according to which they can’t sell their trophy without first offering it back to the academy for $1.

            Is home to the largest number of millionaires in the world (per capita).

            They are Workaholics. On average, Seoul workers spend around 55 hours per week on the job!

            There are more than 300,000 dogs living in Paris, with one dog for every 7 Parisians. Dogs are truly man’s best friend in the city of love.

            There are 333 tropical islands in Fiji and 222 of them waiting to be explored. You could own one like Mel Gibson did in 2005 when he purchased Mago Island for $15m.

            So how many of these destinations are on your personal must-do travel trending list? Start planning your next trip, and check out the best fares available right now.

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