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              Aussie Bubble FAQs

              Aussie Bubble FAQs

              Travel to Australia and back just got easier again, like stepping back in time. But, there are conditions that go along with having the freedom to travel internationally again and we know you’ll have questions.

              Following are a selection of the most frequently asked questions.

              When can I travel to Australia and back to New Zealand quarantine free?

              Quarantine-free travel between New Zealand and Australia will begin on 19 April. New Zealanders will be able to travel to Australia, without the need to quarantine upon their return to New Zealand.

              Quarantine-free travel is subject to change at short notice by either the New Zealand or Australian governments. You’ll be travelling at your own risk and must be prepared for changes at any time.

              You will need to allow extra time when arriving at the airport and will need to check that you all have completed all necessary documentation.

              Who is eligible to travel quarantine free trans-tasman?

              Subject to meeting normal immigration requirements, please check the eligibility criteria in the following links:

              New Zealand Government

              Australian Government

              What does ‘green lane travel’ mean?

              You will go through a “green zone” in the airport separated from flights from elsewhere, and the flights will be crewed by staff who have not flown on any high-risk routes within a specified time frame.

              This means you won’t be in contact with people arriving from other parts of the world, green flights coming to New Zealand from Australia only carry passengers who have been in Australia or New Zealand in the past 14 days.

              Where can I find information about the requirements of different states and inter-state travel?

              It's really important to check the individual State requirements as different forms are required for each in addition to your Australian Travel Declaration. Click these links below for each state prior to booking your travel and make sure you check again before you depart in case of any changes.

              All Travellers

              New South Wales


              South Australia


              Western Australia


              Northern Territories

              Do I still need a visa?

              Normal immigration rules will apply

              Before you travel

              What do I need to do before I travel?

              The NZ Government has the information on what you will need to do pre-travel. Please refer here

              All travellers to Australia are required to complete an Australian Travel Declaration at least 72 hours prior to travel. More information and the online declaration is available here

              Please also check State Government websites for additional requirements, the links are above.

              Do I need a pre-departure test prior to travel to Australia?

              Currently, you do not need a negative COVID-19 pre-departure test to travel to Australia on a quarantine-free flight provided you meet all the other requirements as per the government links above.

              However, this may change at any time and could change by state. Check the links for each state above before you book and again before you travel to make sure no requirements have changed. It is possible that a pre-departure test may be required in either direction in the event of an outbreak.

              Will I need a vaccine prior to travel?

              At this stage a vaccine is not a requirement.

              Is there a contact tracing app I will need to download before I travel?

              Yes, this will vary from state to state and some apps may require an Australian SIM card.

              Further information on each state, refer here.

              What will the airport experience be like?

              The airport experience will change, please check airline websites and arrival and departure airport websites for full information. At airports, customers will be required to:

              • Show proof of documentation required to enter the country and or state of arrival.
              • Complete health declarations and health checks as required by government and state on departure or arrival.
              • Co-operate with all staff requests for additional precautions at the border.
              • Follow the Airports Safe Travel Path which creates separation from other arriving passengers by giving ‘green’ flights an exclusive pathway through the airport.
              • Wear a face-covering when arriving into a New Zealand airport, unless exempt. Departing passengers from New Zealand are not legally required to wear a face-covering but is encouraged.
              • Not be experiencing any of the following symptoms
                • with or without a fever:
                • New or worsening cough
                • Sore throat
                • Shortness of breath
                • Runny nose
                • Loss of sense of smell
                • Fever (at least 38 degrees Celsius)

              Airlines are recommending that customers arrive at airports earlier than normal. Air New Zealand has advised allowing time for processing of additional checks even if checking in online, their suggested times below:

              When travelling from a regional New Zealand airport to connect with a flight to Australia – 2 hours prior to departure.

              International – 3 hours prior to departure

              For more detailed information by airport please check the links below:

              Auckland airport

              Wellington Airport

              Christchurch Airport

              Queenstown Airport

              While Travelling

              What should I expect whilst travelling?

              The New Zealand Government has provided information on what you can expect whilst travelling, including if you are unwell. View here.

              What are the situations that might mean my travel is disrupted by Covid 19?

              The Government is using a traffic light system to illustrate how the bubble will be affected if new cases pop up in Australia.

              There are three possible scenarios: continue (green), pause (orange) and suspend (red). More information is available here:

              How a COVID-19 case in Australia would be managed — quarantine-free travel

              Fact Sheet

              Will I need to go into managed isolation on my return to NZ if I have visited a state where travel is suspended or paused?

              This will be decided by the NZ government depending on the situation at the time. Check this fact sheet provided by the government for more information and please ensure you stay up to date with the situation and what s permitted while you are travelling.

              Fact Sheet - Quarantine-Free Travel

              * Please be aware that this is general information only and not comprehensive. It may not cover your personal circumstances and is subject to change. Updated as of 19 April 2021

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