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            Cheap International Flights.

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              Fly around the world with the cheapest international flights to Europe, America, South-East Asia, the South Pacific and more.

              Here's some tips on the best time of year to travel internationally...

              Europe welcomes visitors 365 days a year, but not surprisingly, its peak season runs for the summer duration between June and August. With warmer climates and long days where, in certain parts, the sun doesn’t set until 10pm, Europe looks its shiniest come summer. Find cheap flights to Europe

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              North America
              North America offers such a diverse landscape, there’s never a right or wrong time to visit; a winter in Aspen, Christmas in Canada, Miami summers, it’s a year-round goodie box, but prices fluctuate by region. Spring and autumn are usually less expensive in the US and Canada, winter even more so, unless you’re skiing. But watch out for Mexico, during Spring Break prices sky-rocket. Find cheap flights to the USA and Canada.

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              South-East Asia
              Avoiding the crowds and the hottest, most humid months is a good rule of thumb. Humidity and heat are inescapable, but November through February is generally drier and cooler. Most countries experience wet monsoon rains from June to October, making it harder to explore the sights. Find cheap flights to Asia.

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              South Pacific Islands
              July and August are the busiest tourist months, but for good reason. There’s a cooler and more comfortable dry season during the austral winter, from May to October, with trade winds bringing fine tropical weather. The austral summer from November to April is warmer, more humid and wet, with cyclones a possibility. Find cheap flights to the South Pacific Islands.

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              Find the cheapest fares to our top destinations:

              Los Angeles - A Hollywood sign, film studios (and stars), houses made for million-dollar pay-checks and the chance to spot a celeb on the side-walk. But LA is also about beaches, creativity and upscale cuisine. See cheap flights to L.A.

              London - Home to 8-million people, including a big clock called Ben, the monarchy, museums, theatres and a confusing array of cockney rhyming slang. London is as diverse as it is dazzling. See cheap flights to London.

              Bangkok - Think it's all ping pongs, red lights and backpackers? Well it is. But it's also about a city fit to bursting with culture; Buddhist temples, ample shopping and tantalising cuisine. See cheap flights to Bangkok

              Singapore – Where chewing gum and littering is illegal. Singapore’s gleaming streets, stores and skyline are all pristine. Better still, they like to keep it that way. See cheap flights to Singapore

              Paris - Europe's most beautiful, Paris beguiles guests with art, culture, history and panache. A city where the streets are fashionable, Coco made Chanel and Mona Lisa scowls (or smiles?) at admirers. See cheap flights to Paris.

              Bali - A jewel in the Asian crown, Bali is where you’ll find the beach resort lifestyle; surf and sand running harmoniously alongside traditional ceremony, dancing and ancient Balinese culture. See cheap flights to Bali.

              Johannesburg - Jo'burg, Jozi, the Burg, whatever you like to call Johannesburg, go for the buzz. From theatres to restaurants and museums, the city is electric, and although apartheid is remembered Jozi only focuses on the positive. See cheap flights to Johannesburg.

              Honolulu - Palm trees, surfers, sun, sand and cocktails. Are you Polynesian dreaming? If you like your western comforts served with an extra dose of exotic, Honolulu is where island-life meets American influence. See cheap flights to Honolulu.

              Delhi - Delhi is delhi-lightful. Equal parts madness and magic. Oozing with the secrets of a former empire, if it's ancient, it's glorious. Including the age-old Indian cuisine.

              Please be aware that many destinations have border restrictions and entry requirements. We strongly advise checking local and international requirements prior to booking and again before departure. Some airlines and destinations may require you to prove a negative COVID-19 test prior to travel, in transit or returning home as well as declaration forms. To ensure you meet the latest COVID-19 travel regulations for your destination and any transit points, we highly recommend you check this website here for up to date and complete travel requirements for all passport holders.

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